Reseating / Reinstalling RAM

Reseating / Reinstalling RAM

Reseating / Reinstalling RAM

Before Starting

When working with computers, ensure that you are properly grounded to prevent ESD damage.

Grounding straps or an ESD overcoat will be sufficient.

Tool Needed

  • Soft non-scratchable surface
  • Philips

Uninstall Process

  • Unplug everything from the system to include the power cord
  • Flip the unit over onto the non-scratchable surface
  • Do not use a carpeted floor. This will create excess ESD and could potentially damage the unit
  • Unscrew the 4 screws in the corners of the system
  • The screws will not come out all the way
  • If you can move them up and down freely they are unscrewed
  • Remove the bottom plate of the system
  • If you have an H chassis system there will be additional cables holding the lid
  • Unplugging the cables is not necessary, just move the lid to one side or the other
  • To remove or reseat the RAM there are 2 metal tabs holding in each DIMM
  • Lightly press the metal tabs on each side outwards
  • The DIMM will lift slightly
  • Lift it to approximately a 45° and pull it out
  • Place the DIMM on a firm, ESD safe surface
  • Ensure not to touch the gold plated side that was in the DIMM slot
  • Repeat the same process for the lower DIMM

Install Process

  • Remove the bottom plate
  • Refer to the uninstall process if you require help
  • Place the DIMM into the lower slot at a 45° angle and it firmly into the slot
  • Some force is required to seat the DIMM in all the way
  • Install the upper DIMM the same way
  • After both DIMM’s are installed you can close the unit

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