General Questions:

Can we use a wireless keyboard & mouse with the AirServer?

You can use any USB keyboard or mouse, including wireless, so long as it connects to the device via USB.

Is there a GUI with which I can configure the AirServer?

There is a GUI menu available when the AirServer device is not being used to cast. While the device is casting, you can move a connected mouse, tap a key on a connected keyboard, or touch a connected touchscreen monitor to bring up the GUI menu.

What OS is installed on these devices?

The AirServer uses a Linux based OS.

How often does the device require updates?

Historically, we've had an update released every month or two. Most of these are additional features, rather than bug fixes, so you do not need to update unless you want new features that have been released.

For updates, does the device have to be on a LAN?


Network Questions:

Does the device have its own Wi-Fi network?

Yes, the device does have its own Wi-Fi network.

What is the range of the device's Wi-Fi network and can this be adjusted?

The range depends primarily on environmental factors (walls, etc) but is approximately a 100ft radius. It is not adjustable.

What is the broadcast range if device is connected to the hospital public network and can this be adjusted?

If it is connected to your existing network, then any users on that network can connect to it via Google Cast and AirPlay. Miracast however requires a direct WiFi connection to the AirServer (approximately 100ft radius).

Can access be limited by network administrators?

Network administrators can limit access to other network resources (file shares, printers, web sites, etc.) from the AirServer.

How can network administrators limit access?

All network requests from the AirServer's hotspot users are re-transmitted by the AirServer ("NAT"), so limitations can simply be applied to the AirServer itself and they will affect hotspot users.

For no access (isolated network) how many guests can connect to the AirServer?

There is no hard limit on how many connections are possible, but you will see degraded quality after approximately 8 connected users.

Does the Wi-Fi encryption using the WPA2 security protocol protect my other networks?

This only protects the hotspot network.

How are IPs assigned to guests on the AirServer's hotspot?

The AirServer will automatically pick an IP range to use for the hotspot (typically -, reserve one of those IPs for itself, and then assign the rest, in sequence, to hotspot users.

Is it possible to remotely connect to the system to access the interface?

The system does have a web interface. After setting a password locally on the system, you can simply point a web browser to the AirServer's IP (either from the hotspot or from the network it's connected to).

You can also "lock out" the GUI so that the settings can only be modified by authorized users via the web interface. See the "September 25, 2018" update HERE for more information.